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Sean kelly
The Clay Corner founder, owner, and operator.

If you take a class with me I will go on and on about why I think pottery is special and why it is my favorite art form and hobby, but here is a briefer version:

Like all art forms, pottery takes skill and practice. That journey and discovery is all part of the novelty. I am still growing and learning myself, every potter is. When seeing your finished work your first thought is how cool everything is, and then you get this amazing desire to make more! Each pot is an experiment; how is this glaze going to turn out, are my decorations all that I hoped and dreamed; but once you get the results you need to try again.

For me, this excitement takes me to another world. Nothing exists outside of the studio and my hands are probably too dirty to touch my phone even if I wanted to. 

People ask me what my favorite form to throw is - Mugs. I love mugs because most mornings I pour a cup of coffee and sit in my favorite armchair and think. Often I am drinking out of my newest mug design or another artist's mug that I have just acquired. Using pottery is the best way to learn every detail. There is something magical about this quiet moment every day where I can think about what I feel from this mug in my hand. 

If you want more about how I think pottery is the best activity to have entered my life, take a class or reach out and connect.

My Story

The studio has come a long way since I opened it in 2017. I get asked a lot "What made you want to open a pottery studio?". Well, I never really thought I would to tell you the truth. I discovered ceramics in high school and continued taking classes during college while I studied economics. Using the studio for my mental health was essential during that time. When I moved to Seattle in 2014 I worked out of Moshier Community Center but I shortly moved further north and commuting to Burien was difficult. At the time there weren't a lot of studio options in Seattle and the ones that were here weren't what I was looking for as a hobby potter. 

So I created what I was looking for; a comfortable studio for hobby potters to learn and connect with each other. Today, that is still my goal. I started with a 600 sqft studio and ~40 students and now we have nearly ~10,000 sqft and ~250 members. But I couldn't have done it without the support of the amazing community and my rockstar staff.

My Mission

In addition to striving to offer the most amazing pottery studio experience, I work hard to lead by example in the arena of "ethical capitalism". The studio fuels my way of life but it also supports its staff. I am proud to be able to offer 32-hour work weeks while still offering competitive wages and unlimited paid sick and holiday days. 

We also operate a "work-exchange" type setup which allows a certain number of members to help out at the studio in exchange for enough money to cover their membership costs in a way that doesn't exploit and protects their rights as workers. 

Our yearly apprenticeship program, along with other projects, aims to give opportunities to those looking to grow a career in ceramics. 

I am always looking to expand the ways that I can benefit the world. I am truly lucky to have found a career that lets me do that in so many ways. 


I am always happy to connect with anyone. Don't hesitate to reach out.

206.486.7213 ext. 3

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