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**The price of $130 is only the deposit to secure your spot. The remainder ($530) will be due on August 1st.


Two months is the perfect amount of time to get introduced to the world of ceramics. This membership works a lot like a traditional 8-week course, but with more flexibility and studio access.


When joining the studio you will sign up for a 2-month membership ($660 for both months). You can continue your membership on a month-by-month basis ($330/m), canceling anytime with a notice of 3 weeks. If you decide that the membership isn't for you, then we will happily refund the 2nd month, ($330) prior to the start of that month. Just let us know!


The studio operates in a membership format, so you will have access to sign up for any classes that are offered. Each class curriculum is determined by the student's needs and we work with each student individually to create a learning plan that suits their needs. Maximum of 5 students per class with options for drop-in students.


Approx. 20 classes are offered per week!

See the membership tab for the full class schedule!


Included in Membership

*Unlimited classes
* Bisque and Glaze Firings
* Materials and Glaze

*Clay is ~$16/ 25lb bag. 


The studio is also open from 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week for independent work time, including during scheduled classes.

We are open a minimum of 29 days per month, (not including extreme events like a snow storm and February on non-leap years). 

During 2024 the studio will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and a day each month to be determined. (These days will not be on a weekend). 

These dates are subject to change with advanced notice and even possible cancellation of closure. We use these days for studio improvements/ cleaning, staff training days, and holidays. 

Sign-up for September/October Classes and Membership

  • Sign-up deposits and monthly memberships are non-refundable. Membership commitments that are less than 3-weeks away are binding whether you have paid or not. 

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