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The Teen Intensive

 For the first time in The Clay Corner’s history we are offering a teen specific summer program. This program is geared towards students ranging from 13 to 18 years of age and will run from from July 2nd, to August 31st.


This pilot program aims to invite young artists/markers to begin, or continue their ceramic education. Since this is not a middle school, high school, or college program students will be free to learn without state standards, grades, or graduation on the line. This means students will get what they put into their intensive! In other words, we cannot force a student to utilize all opportunities provided, and we won’t stop students from using them often! If an applicant is chosen but never shows up- this is on the student not the studio. We hope all applicants will be excited to come, learn, and make often!


The Intensive will be built specifically for the needs of those who will be a part of the program. Applicants should expect to learn, and/or grow skills including but not limited to hand building (pinch, coil, and slab), wheel throwing, surface design/decoration, glazing, and some skills for studio maintenance! The extent of what will be learned will reflect individual applicants' interests and needs. This will be made possible through our small size (12 students with 2 mentors), weekly meetings, an online classroom for hybrid learning, and daily studio access.


Since we only have 12 spots available for this pilot program we will only be accepting students who complete, and are selected through our application process. Our ultimate goal is to invite teens into the space, to cultivate a young art community, and to make ceramics more accessible to teens! Applicants will be working in an adult studio with peers, but should be ready to work independently, and adapt to our studio policies.

As a pilot program we may or may not offer this again in the future.


  • Like our memberships, those in the Teen Intensive will get access to there own studio cubby, shared studio tools, glazes, kiln firings, and work space.

  • The Teen Intensive will begin Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024 at 2pm; and end Saturday August 31, 2024.

  • The Teen Intensive will meet for our Intensive class, additional class sign-ups and mentorship every Tuesday starting July 2nd, and ending August 27th. These classes will start at 2pm, and end at 4pm. 

  • Teens in the Teen Intensive will be provided with a total of 2 bags of WMP clay at both the July 2nd class, and the July 30th class. They can choose to purchase additional clay if wanted or needed! 

  • Students will have access to work independently at The Clay Corner from 10am- 10pm after our first intensive class July 2nd.

The Application Process

Applications are due June 3rd!


  • Applicants will be notified about next steps by June 6th at the latest- the earlier the application the earlier we can notify applicants!

  • Short Individual and longer group interviews will be held on site at The Clay Corner Saturday, June 8th at 10am and Tuesday, June 11th at 4pm. Applicants will pick a time frame for their chosen day when invited to interview.

  • Applicants will be notified by June 21st of acceptance. This email will be followed by an invoice to be paid before the intensive starts July 2nd! 

  • By June 28th those selected for the pilot intensive will be input into our Google Classroom, and our online member portal: gymmaster! 

Tuition for The Teen Intensive

If selected the full cost of tuition will be $600.00 USD.

This will be due the start of the program- July 2nd, 2024.


*We have a high percentage of scholarships available for those who identify as a part of the following commonly marginalized groups: low-income, BIPOC, LQBTIQA, or other. This includes several full tuition scholarships and reduced tuition scholarships. Please self select in the application process if you are in need of a scholarship in order to participate in our Teen Intensive.

***Scholarship options include paying 75% tuition ($450.00), 50% of tuition (300.00), or complete coverage of tuition. 

Meet The Youth Intensive Mentors

Joey - Lead Intensive Instructor


Joey has a passion for education, art, and accessibility. She received her Masters in Teaching (Secondary Education) from Western Washington in 2023, and has been with The Clay Corner since January 2022!

Henry - Intensive Assistant


​Henry has a passion for ceramics, learning, and working with the community. He will be completing our first Clay Corner Intensive this June, and has been with the studio for over 9 months.


Is previous experience required?

NO! We will tailor the curriculum to the cohort and the individual! We aim to give novice, intermediate, and more advanced students varying instruction and attention based on need. Additionally- all students will be encouraged to build upon any previous experience (including 0 experience) to reach independent goals.

What is the age range?



When are applications due?

June 3rd, at 11:59pm


When does the Teen Intensive start?


July 2nd, at 2pm


Do I need to attend every Tuesday class?

Technically no, but you will get the most out of your experience if you do- and we are heavily encouraging regular attendance! Tuesday classes will not only provide lessons, but community, and opportunities to add additional classes with varying instructors. Missed Tuesday classes cannot be made up.


Why the Teen Intensive over a regular membership? 

The Clay Corner is primarily tailored for adult education. Our memberships are built for an individual to make their own schedules, choose their own classes, their own projects, work independently, and commonly amongst other adults. The teen intensive is built to be more scaffolded, goal initiated, and to connect young artists with other young artists. The teen intensive is built to be a progressive pace for each individual, with weekly check-ins, mentors, and peer relationships to help students get the most out of their experiences without the sole responsibility to figure it all out.


Additionally, the teen intensive includes many of the benefits of our memberships, at a slightly reduced rate, with a higher percentage of scholarships, an online classroom and content that would only be available upon request in our regular classes.

In short: Our memberships are awesome- but the Teen Intensive will place the teen with closer aged students, and give more structure, information, and accessibility without request compared to our regular memberships.

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