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We are offering a trial/ cancellation period!
If your 1st month isn't as great as you'd hoped, we will refund your 2nd month!

For more information about how our membership class format works:

Class Description

During your classes will dive into the world of wheel-thrown ceramics! Whether you have never touched clay before, or you think you know what you're about, I promise we will have fun and you WILL be proud of what you have learned.

Classes are purchased in a monthly membership format. Each month you can sign up for any available classes. Because of small class sizes, course material is individually tailored to fit each student.


See the Memberships tab for more information.

Included in Membership

* Tools

* Materials and Glaze

* Bisque and Glaze Firings


* Unlimited Classes/Studio Time!

**Clay is ~ $16/ 25lb bag

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