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Employment Opportunities

What it is like to work at The Clay Corner:

A healthy lifestyle is very important to us. Employment at The Clay Corner is treated as an agreement among equals, with a standard of mutual respect. 

We offer unlimited paid time off and sick days.

We also have an 80% standard worktime policy. 

Full-time employees are eligible for healthcare. 


How our 80% worktime policy plays out:

For every 4 hours that you work, you receive an additional paid hour on your paycheck. 

Why do we do this?

We are looking to redefine the work culture in our society. We expect you to use the paid hours outside of your working hours to take care of yourself and rest mentally and physically so that you can give the best that you can when you are at work. 

How to Apply:

We are always accepting applications. Please fill out our application form and see what positions we are currently hiring for below.

If we aren't hiring for a position you are interested in or don't have any listed positions open, feel free to apply anyway! We will keep all applications on file and reach out if and when a suitable position does become open. 

We may not reach out immediately, but we will once a position that seems like a suitable fit comes open.

Currently Hiring:

We are not looking to fill any positions at this time.

You are still welcome to apply! We will be in touch if a position opens up that we think you'd be a good fit for.

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