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Studio Apprenticeship

The Clay Corner offers apprenticeships for those seeking to start or grow a career in ceramics. 

The apprentice will work and learn how to operate kilns, manage glazes, teach ceramics, general community studio operations, and more. 

Proficiency in ceramics and wheel throwing is a requirement to be considered for this position. 

Additionally, each apprenticeship will be specifically tailored towards a project based on the needs of the studio and the apprentice. 

Upcoming Project/ Focus:


The apprenticeship is a part-time position. Minimum of 20 hours per week with the possibility for more. 

The pay is $19/hr

+ Studio Space

+ Hands-on Experience and Education

Clarification of "Apprenticeship":

The term "Apprenticeship" is used to indicate that this position's primary focus is to develop the skills of those participating in the program. 

However, this is also a job. Apprentices are paid and treated like employees. They are relied upon to complete their responsibilities and strengthen the studio team. 

What it is like to work at The Clay Corner:

A healthy lifestyle is very important. Employment at The Clay Corner is treated as an agreement among equals, with a standard of mutual respect. 

We offer unlimited paid time off and sick days and a full-time position means 32 work hours per week and health benefits.

Apprenticeships are not full-time by default, but they could be if deemed appropriate.

Additional Expectations:

- While hours are not set in stone, you will need to have the ability to work some evenings and weekends. 

- Lifting 50 pounds repeatedly.


- Maintaining a friendly customer service demeanor. 

How to Apply:

Applications for our 2024 Apprenticeship Program will be open from October 2023 through the end of December 2023.

The apprenticeship will start March 2024. All applications received will be treated equally regardless of when they were submitted. 

If you have any questions or recommendations on ways we can improve our Apprenticeship Program let us know!


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