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Apprenticeship/ Career Residency

We have adapted our Apprenticeship program into a 6 month long residency program that focuses on career development. 

We accept 8 artists that are given full access to the studio. In exchange, you're required to attend a class once per week and complete assignments.


The class time is subject to change, but is currently scheduled for Thursdays from noon - 2 pm. The residency program and classes are co-facilitated by Sean Kelly and Amanda Salov. 

We also host a post-residency exhibit to celebrate your work and give you experience putting together a showable body of work. This exhibit and the final 2 months is optional. 

Here is a rough outline of the syllabus schedule:

Month 1 - Ceramic techniques

Month 2 - Skills that will help you continue to grow as an artist

Month 3 - Career development and technical studio training

(glaze mixing, kiln operations, etc.)

Month 4 - Professional development

(Composing materials for job / exhibit applications, business planning, etc.)

Months 5 and 6 - No weekly class. Free-time to work on your own, prepare for the post-residency exhibit, or end early. 

Ultimately, Sean (owner) and Amanda (manager), will adjust the materials to fit with the needs of the residents. We are also available as resources to help you grow your career however you'd like to do that. 

Our goal is to help aspiring artists grow and be successful in any way possible. 

Upcoming 2025 Schedule: 

1st residency of 2025 - 

January - April | weekly classes (required)

May - June | studio access (optional)

July | exhibit (optional)

2nd residency of 2025 - 

July - October | weekly classes (required)

November - December | studio access (optional)

January 2026 | exhibit (optional)

Additional Expectations:

- One of the goals of this program is to stimulate the community with a variety of people and energies. You are expected to be a beneficial member of the community and someone who's presence adds, not detracts, from a positive community atmosphere. 

- Participation in classes and assignments. Absences are allowed, but failure to communicate or willingly participate respectfully will result in asking you to leave the program. 

How to Apply:

Applications for 2025 will open in the Fall of 2024. Interviews will be conducted in late November/December. 

Stay tuned for more specific dates.

If you have any questions please email

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