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Open House Night!

We want ceramics to be as accessible as possible! This includes making it and using it.

Every Friday night we host a pottery open house for any and everyone!

**No Open House Nov. 24th**



  • It is completely free. 

  • It starts at 6 pm and clean-up starts at 9 pm. You're welcome to come and go as you please during this time.

  • A small bit of prior ceramics experience is required. 

    • Staff is on hand to help and assist, but won't have the capacity to teach a hands-on lesson. (See our Saturday night workshops for a beginner-friendly pottery night).

  • All pieces produced go into our seasonal quarterly fundraiser sales. 100% of the profits from these sales go directly to the charity. These pots are also pay-what-you-can.

  • Pieces are created communally. If the original creator is not present to finish their piece then it will be finished by another artist. 

  • Our studio focuses on wheel-throwing, so that will be our focus, but table space for hand-building is available.

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