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4365 6th ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107


Hi, My name is Sean. I am so excited to see this studio and community grow! I have been passionate about ceramics since middle and high school. After high school, I studied at the ceramics department at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


After years of using this art form for my own mental health, I decided to open this studio to share my passion with the world!   


I moved to Seattle in 2013 and in the midst of all that chaos and stress of a new big city I always had pottery to turn to. Without it, my mental health would've flown out the window.


I love Pottery, of course, and my love of this art form can be described in this one question - As a functional vessel, how does your creation impact your life long after it's formation?

Starting in September 2019 I will be reducing my classes to work on some other projects. Becca, Ciara, and Siera have trained with me for quite some time and I am proud to have them upholding the educational standards that have been set in place at the Clay Corner. 


As a child, I was always very creative and approached the world with great curiosity. Arguments and fighting were commonplace in the home growing up, so I would retreat to various creative outlets as an escape. Ultimately, my introduction to ceramics didn’t come until my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and immediately fell in love with the art form and the making process as a whole. While at university I studied abroad and attended the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland in the painting and printmaking program. Upon my return, I was an active member in the ceramic program at Stout acting as a teachers assistant and studio aid. For two summers between
semesters, I apprenticed in the Twin Cities with Kevin CaufieId and finally graduated cum laude in 2013 receiving my BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics. 

Shortly after graduation I left my home in Minnesota and moved to Seattle in early 2014 to pursue my love for the art as a studio assistant working and learning alongside Deb Schwartzkopf and George Rodriguez. After working with them at Rat City Studios I
took a few years away from art in general. My mental health began to decline as a direct result of the time away from ceramics and realized the necessity for a creative outlet. At the beginning of 2018 I made my return to clay and began teaching at Sean’s Clay Corner. 

My love for ceramics isn’t necessarily the final end product that intrigues me. Rather, it is the process as a whole; how it constantly challenges and engages me. It forces me to expand my thought process and do things I wouldn’t have previously considered. This not only helps me to grow as an artist, but also as a person.


Ciara Jackson is a ceramic artist from Knoxville, Tennessee. During her studies at the University of Tennessee Ciara accepted a work-study position at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in 2015, where she found a love for the clay community and a determination to pursue a career in Ceramics. She earned a B.F.A. in Three-Dimensional Studio Art from the University of Tennessee at the end of that year.

In 2016 she interned at the Lawrence Arts Center and was Kyla Strid’s studio assistant, before moving to Seattle in November to become a resident at Pottery Northwest. Throughout her residency, Ciara worked for North Seattle College as a Studio Technician and Continuing Education Instructor. In 2019, she began teaching at Sean's Clay Corner before taking on the role of Gallery and Store Manager in 2020. 


Ciara's studio practice is influenced by her observations of nature versus the man-made. Her use of clay as a medium is most relevant, as it is derived from nature and can be manipulated by the maker. At the wheel, clay can be shaped to an unnatural level of symmetry. Off the wheel, a symmetrical piece can be altered in shape and masked with natural textures using slip, a liquid form of clay. Ciara's textures mimic wood, moss, stone, and water. Her intent is to create objects that act as a bridge between the indoors and out by housing plants and serving as a reminder to go spend some time outside.


Aside from her personal studio practice, Ciara continues to teach classes at Pottery Northwest and Sean's Clay Corner while exploring a variety of experimental approaches to working with clay.  


Full Bio Coming Soon