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Hi, My name is Sean. I am so excited to see this studio and community grow! I have been passionate about ceramics since middle and high school. After high school, I studied at the ceramics department at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


After years of using this art form for my own mental health, I decided to open this studio to share my passion with the world!   


I moved to Seattle in 2013 and in the midst of all that chaos and stress of a new big city I always had pottery to turn to. Without it, my mental health would've flown out the window.


I love Pottery, of course, and my love of this art form can be described in this one question - As a functional vessel, how does your creation impact your life long after it's formation?


David was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, where he got a BFA in ceramics from a small university in the city.  All told, he’s been working with clay for about 15 years.  A while back, he decided getting a masters degree in architecture would be a good idea.  He completed the March degree at the University of British Columbia and worked in architecture firms in Vancouver for a few years.  Designing buildings is cool, but it did not take long to learn that office work is truly awful. He made the move back to ceramics, and hasn’t looked back since. Taking time away from ceramics proved just how central working with clay is in his life. The physical repetition of making pottery helps keeps his mind grounded and gives his brain a chance to just be quiet for a while. 


I have been teaching wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics to adults since 2002 at a variety of local studios.

I have a Fine Arts degree with a concentration in ceramics from the University of Washington, and since then was employed by Washington State Arts Commission as a visual arts specialist, teaching in elementary and middle schools. For the last fifteen years I have worked with Seattle Public Schools teaching clay art to middle schoolers afterschool and during the summer.

I have some experience with the art business and sales as I ran art gallery for a few years, enough to know that teaching is my true love. I am interested in historic pottery forms, how they were achieved, and what skills can translate to the modern pottery world (I do, however, believe in power tools and a modern, up-to-date, well maintained kiln; so the Clay Corner is a good fit for me!); as well as the ergonomics of wheel-throwing, having seen many of my generation fall by the wayside. I believe clay should be a life long art form.

I am most excited when I see my students develop their own unique style. I love to see the techniques that I teach be expressed in so many different ways and am looking forward to getting to know all our members and learning about the clay and unique glazes that the Clay Corner offers!

**Photo credit Judy Nakamura
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