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The Clay Corner's Next Chapter

We are opening a 2nd location right across the street from the current studio! Classes and studio use begin September 1st.

This new location, (the North building), won't change what we do in any major way, but it will let us share our space with more people! The N. building will have all of the same amenities that the current studio has, so there will be no need to haul clay or pots back and forth. Members are able to work and attend classes in either building if they choose to, but each member will have a main base building where they store their work, have cubby space, and get things fired. 

Our team has grown substantially this year, (bios soon to come). Amanda Salov will be spearheading the studio management of the new studio while Jane Meagher upholds the impeccable standards of operations that she has set over the last few years while managing at the existing studio. 

We are also officially changing the studio name from Sean's Clay Corner to The Clay Corner.

I, Sean, don't feel like it is appropriate any longer to take credit for the amazing community and studio that everyone, staff and the studio community combined, has created and continues to build. 

Photo Aug 01 2023, 10 01 15 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 01 2023, 10 02 06 AM.jpg
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