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Membership includes; All day access to the studio, firing, and glazing, as well as unlimited instructional classes.

We call them memberships because they include a lot more than just classes, but classes are still our focus! Memberships are great for all skill levels including those with zero ceramics experience.


Once you become a member you will get access to an online class calendar that will let you sign up for the classes you want!


We recommend planning on visiting the studio at least once or twice per week.

Approximate Weekly Class Schedule:

Class Schedule for website.PNG
Clss Schedule
A Preview of Studio Policies Can be Found Here:
Class Structure

Classes are all tailored individually for the students. So any student of any skill level can take any class! Small classes allow us to cater to each student specifically on what they are working on. Guidance on what to learn next and how to grow your skills is always provided.

Class sizes are very small with only 5 students.


Ultimately, we will work with each student independently to teach at a pace that is appropriate for their skill levels and goals for the class.

Open Studio

The studio is open from 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. 


Scheduled classes will be held in the class-room, which will allow artists who are uninterested in the class structure to work independently in the work-room. It will also allow students who didn't sign-up for the class to watch class demonstrations and then work independently.


Membership includes tools and glaze. The only thing you'll need to buy is clay.


Clay will be available for purchase in-house, from the studio, for Tacoma Clay Art store price. Standard is $15 per 25 lb bag.


I enjoy committing to pottery class once a week and having a "pottery day" each week. Can I still do that?  


You sure can. The price structure is set up to be feasible for people who just want to have class once a week. Each month you will be able to sign-up for which classes you want to take, and whether you take a class each week on the same day or different days, that is up to you! 


If I can't commit to a class before it is full, or I decide to attend a class that is already full, do I have any options?


Yes! Class demonstrations will be available for anyone who is interested. The work-room is available to any member on a first come first serve basis, you are welcome to watch demonstrations and work independently in the work-room.


I have never done pottery before, is this studio too independent for me? 


Not at all! I have plenty of handouts for those people who like independence but still need some structure. We also work with each member to create a learning plan/ schedule for exactly your needs. E.g. How often you want to come in, where you are at with your skill level (my students learn faster than average due to our hands-on approach), and what you are interested in learning. 


Do you offer kids classes? 

Due to the independent nature of the studio and the teaching styles of the instructors, we do not offer kids classes. Memberships are available to teens and adults, 14 and up. But please evaluate the independence of your kid on whether you think they would be a good fit. We acknowledge that not all kids are the same.

Do you offer drop-in classes or a punch card? 

We do not sell classes or independent studio time separately. A membership is the main way to attend the studio. 

We do offer Saturday night intro classes for those with zero experience who are looking to get a taste of what it is all about.


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