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Why Pottery?

If you take a class with me I will go on and on about why I think pottery is special and why it is my favorite art form and hobby, but here is a briefer version - 


Like all art forms, pottery takes skill and practice. That journey and discovery is all part of the novelty. I am still growing and learning myself, every potter is. When seeing your finished work your first thought is how cool everything is, and then you get this amazing desire to make more! Each pot is an experiment; how is this glaze going to turn out, are my decorations all that I hoped and dreamed; and once you get the results you need to try again! 

For me, this excitement takes me to another world. Nothing exists outside of the studio and my hands are probably too dirty to touch my phone even if I wanted too. 

As you can see from my work, I use a pot as a canvas for other art. Of course, your standard pigment based watercolor paints aren't going to work, but finding the perfect mix of materials is half the fun.

People ask me what my favorite form to throw is - Mugs. I love mugs because most mornings I pour a cup of coffee and sit in my favorite armchair and think. Often I am drinking out of my newest mug design or another artist's mug that I have just acquired. Using pottery is the best way to learn every detail. There is something magical about this quiet moment every day where I can think about what I feel from this mug in my hand. 

If you want more of how I think pottery is the best activity to have entered my life, take a class or reach out and connect!. 

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Maya Mugs
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A bit about

Sean's Clay Corner is a wheel throwing ceramics studio in Fremont.

The studio is structured with a unique membership format that allows total flexibility over how you learn and what you want to gain from the studio. 

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