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We are accepting new members to start in June or later!

Thank you everyone who made it to our first Annual Empty Bowls event.​ We raised $7500 for the Ballard Food Bank!

About Us

We are a community pottery studio that specializes in offering the perfect space to learn and do ceramics. We welcome people of all skill levels. 

What do we do?

Our primary service is our studio memberships. They operate similarly to an 8-week class series but with a lot more flexibility and individual attention. 

What makes us unique?

Small class sizes - Classes are a maximum of 5 students. 

Flexible times - As a member, you can sign up for any class; any time. We offer classes at almost any time imaginable. 

Personalized Attention - Since classes are so small, we work individually with each student on exactly what they are working on at their skill level. This means that beginners often learn at an amazing pace!

Extensive Open Studio - The studio is open for independent work from 10 am - 10 pm 7 days a week. Including during class times!

Community Focus - We put community first and we show it. In addition to constant studio adaptations based on our member's needs, we also offer scholarships, host a free weekly Friday night open house, and seasonal pottery sale fundraisers in which 100% of sales go directly to a local cause. 

And a lot more - There just isn't enough room to list it all... 

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Maya Mugs
Liz Maggart Gallery
Becca and Sadie
supply cabinet
Sean Display
Maya Bowls
Becca and Logan
Handbuilding workspace 2
Carl Gallery
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